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Achiltibuie Boatman's Bothy Boat and Forth Rail Bridge Evening at Tarbert Falkland Lamp and Edinburgh Castle Feshiebridge Phone Box Ruthven Barracks Wallace Monument Edinburgh from North Bridge Sheep at Stoer Lighthouse   Forth Road Bridge at Dusk Tobermory
 Bruar Gorge  Dunkeld Bridge  Harbour on the Antrim Coast  Swans at the Union Canal   Threlkeld  Elmina Castle  Lancaster Canal  Crannog at Loch Tay  Victoria Street, Edinburgh     Mist at Forth Road Bridge  Tug and Forth Rail Bridge  Hugh Miller's Cottage
Achiltibuie Boatman's Bothy Achiltibuie Boatman's Bothy
Achiltibuie, Wester Ross. In an area where many of necessity have more than one job, fishing comes well up the list. Local hotels and restaurants are among the fishermen's customers. Nearby is the No. 192 Bed and Breakfast, have a look at http://achiltibuie.net/192/.

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Boat and Forth Rail Bridge Boat and Forth Rail Bridge
From South Queensferry Harbour. A fine evening in the spring saw mist obscuring part of this always impressive structure. The proximity of the yacht on the quay suggests the bridge is farther away than it really is.

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Evening at Tarbert Evening at Tarbert
Tarbert, Argyll. The green of the hillside opposite is reflected here in the sea at the harbour entrance. It is so nearly calm that smoke from two chimneys a short distance apart is blowing in opposite directions.

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Falkland Falkland
Falkland, Fife. Situated at the foot of the Lomond Hills in Fife, the centre of Falkland remains a network of narrow streets of cottages and old stone houses. Falkland Palace, on the edge of the village, was used by the kings of Scotland as a base for hunting. Have a look at http://www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk/falkland/falkland/.

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Lamp and Edinburgh Castle Lamp and Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle must be amongst the most photographed in the world. This picture is a bit different, taken from the south side early one evening.

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Feshiebridge Phone Box Feshiebridge Phone Box
Feshiebridge, Inverness-shire. Just up the hill from the bridge itself, this picture was just asking to be taken. Immediately downstream of the bridge is a great pool where on those occasional hot days hardy swimmers can cool off. That said, I swam there one evening in July 2013 and it was as warm as anywhere I have ever swum in the UK!

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Ruthven Barracks Ruthven Barracks
Kingussie, Inverness-shire. There has been a castle or similar structure on this site since at least 1229. The Barracks were built between 1719 and 1721 and burnt down by the retreating Jacobites just after the Battle of Culloden in 1746. See www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk/kingussie/ruthvenbarracks/

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Wallace Monument Wallace Monument
Stirling. A different perspective on a well-known landmark. The Wallace Monument sits on Abbey Craig above the River Forth floodplain, overlooking Stirling, and commemorates William Wallace who led the Scots to victory over the English at the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297. See www.nationalwallacemonument.com

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Edinburgh from North Bridge Edinburgh from North Bridge
This panorama view from North Bridge, which is elevated above the railway station and joins the Old and New Towns, shows the Castle, Art Galleries, Scott Monument, and even the city’s Christmas tree, halfway up the Mound. Dusk increases the sense of drama.

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Sheep at Stoer Lighthouse   Sheep at Stoer Lighthouse
Sutherland. Sometimes a picture just presents itself with little thought or planning: this was one of these! The chimneys of what used to be the keepers’ accommodation with the sheep in the middle. Park at the lighthouse car park and take a stroll across a couple of miles of springy turf to the Point of Stoer; this is an airy walk with the cliffs on your seaward side. A great out-of-the-way spot. The last time we visited there was a very welcome mobile snack bar in the car park.

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Forth Road Bridge at Dusk Forth Road Bridge at Dusk
This famous structure, which when it opened in 1964 was the longest suspension bridge outside the USA, is silhouetted by the brightness of the western sky shortly after sunset. The trees beside the road down into North Queensferry provide an arch of branches above.

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Tobermory Tobermory
Isle of Mull. Well known as 'Balamory' in the BBC children's series, Tobermory Bay is reputedly the location of a sunken Spanish galleon, complete with millions of gold coins, but this is yet to be found. What you will find, though, is excellent fish and chips at the mobile van to the left of the picture.

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Bruar Gorge Bruar Gorge
Bruar, Blair Atholl,Perthshire. Nestling a short distance above the House of Bruar complex (www.houseofbruar.com) on the Perth to Inverness road, the gorge is best viewed from the two bridges which span it. There is also a pleasant pool for swimming if the water levels and weather are conducive. Details at http://www.walkhighlands.co.uk/perthshire/falls-of-bruar.shtml

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Dunkeld Bridge Dunkeld Bridge
Dunkeld, Perthshire. Sitting on the Highland Boundary Fault, the setting of Dunkeld is very pretty and often atmospheric. This elegant arch bridge provides a fitting entrance to the village. Find out more at http://www.dunkeldandbirnam.org.uk/

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Harbour on the Antrim Coast Harbour on the Antrim Coast
Cushendun, Co. Antrim. The Antrim coast road is rightly regarded as a very pretty drive, and Cushendun harbour is well worth a stop. There is a good beach, too. There's an excellent self-catering apartment bang on the sea front at Cushendun's larger sister village Cushendall: http://www.theseaviewapartment.com/.

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Swans at the Union Canal Swans at the Union Canal
West Edinburgh. Canals bring the countryside and its wildlife right into the city, and the Union Canal is no exception. This towpath is a great way to get out for a walk in the city away from endless traffic. See: www.scottishcanals.co.uk/our-canals/union-canal

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 Threlkeld Threlkeld
Threlkeld, Cumbria. This view was taken from perhaps my favourite holiday cottage, 'Salamat' at Threlkeld, near Keswick. It sits right at the base of Blencathra, and has great views all round. Check it out at www.salamat.co.uk.

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Elmina Castle Elmina Castle
Elimna, Ghana. This World Heritage Site, the oldest building in Africa south of the Sahara, recalls the horrors of the slave trade. Elmina is one of several well preserved slaving forts along the Ghanaian coast, all promoting the principle that this must never be allowed to happen again. Today Ghana is one of Africa's success stories. The Ghanaians' hospitality was outstanding, and the country is a rewarding destination for the independent traveller. See: www.elminacastle.info

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Lancaster Canal Lancaster Canal
Lancaster. This view, looking towards the town centre, captures the evening light shortly after sunset. There are mallard, moorhens, and gulls in abundance, not to mention lots of goldfinches.

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Crannog at Loch Tay Crannog at Loch Tay
Perthshire. This reconstruction of an ancient loch dwelling could hardly be in a more dramatic location, overlooked by Ben Lawers, seen in the background. The remains of eighteen crannogs have been found in Loch Tay alone. Have a look at www.crannog.co.uk

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Victoria Street, Edinburgh    Victoria Street, Edinburgh
In the heart of Edinburgh’s historic Old Town and World Heritage Site, Victoria Street winds down the hill to the Grassmarket. This view gives some feel for the place, but it’s easy to spend a few hours wandering around this part of the city, with its individual shops and almost endless selection of eating and drinking places.

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Mist at Forth Road Bridge Mist at Forth Road Bridge
The east coast of Scotland is well known for its sea mist, known locally as haar, and it is not unusual for it to affect the Forth estuary, especially in the spring. The Forth bridges are always impressive, but the haar, when it is not too extensive, definitely adds something.

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Tug and Forth Rail Bridge Tug and Forth Rail Bridge
This world-famous structure never fails to impress, day or night. It’s enormous and the more impressive when one considers that it was built during the reign of Queen Victoria. On the south side, in South Queensferry, are several eateries with spectacular views of the bridges, and on the whole the food's good, too. Alternatively the chippy is fine and there's more atmosphere to the place if one stays outside.

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Hugh Miller's Cottage Hugh Miller's Cottage
Cromarty, Easter Ross. One of numerous well-preserved 18th and early 19th century buildings in this gem of a historical village. These days you can also go dolphin spotting (we saw dozens and dozens) with Ecoventures (www.ecoventures.co.uk), then eat next door at the unique Sutor Creek Cafe (www.sutorcreek.co.uk), and finally walk a couple of blocks back to the friendly and stylish Sydney House Bed and Breakfast (www.sydneyhouse.co.uk). Totally worth a visit!

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